1955 - To adventure

“Needed: young researchers to join scientific expeditions organized in conjunction with the International Geophysical Year". A student, this ad posted at the University will change my [...]


1957 - Charcot

During one year, with two companions, I live in the remoteness of a small base practically cut off from the rest of the world, set up within the antarctic continent at an altitude of [...]


1959 - Victoria land

The continent exploration continues. I have the good luck to join an american campaign in Victoria Land. After the Charcot overwintering, it is now the raid-style life. For four [...]


1962-1965 - Dumont d'Urville

My glaciology works continue during summer campaigns in the coastal area of Adelie Land, near Dumont d'Urville station. I lead the 15th French winterover in Adelie Land, not always an [...]


1974-76-78 - Dome C lAGP

In 1969, the International Antarctic Glaciological Project - IAGP - is the first scientific program carried out in Antarctica after the International Geophysical Year - IGY (1957-58). [...]


1984 - Vostok : - 150,000 years of archive

After the international agreements signed during a meeting of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research - SCAR - in 1982, Russians are prepared to welcome a French team at [...]


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