Claude LORIUS : look over a career.

All begins in 1955: Claude Lorius, Master of Science in Physics from Besançon University, replies to an ad : “ Needed: young researchers to join scientific expeditions organized in conjunction with the International Geophysical Year".
This is how the scientist's career begins in a discipline that has just appeared in the 50's : glaciology.
Over his 40 years career, he will take part in 22 expeditions, a total of 6 years in the field ! Even if he puts his feet in Greenland, his "land" of predilection will be Antarctica.

Academic Diplomas :

1953   Bachelor's degree in Physics

1954   Master's degree in Physics

1963   PhD in Physics


Duties : 

1961   Researcher at CNRS, National Centre for Scientific Research

1968-84  Teaching fellow at Grenoble University (Mechanics of Geophysics and Environment)

1987   Research Director

1979-83   Associate Director, then

1984-89   Director of Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique  de l'Environnement (LGGE)

1992-98   President of  IFRTP, French Institute for Polar Research and Technology.

1998-2008  Director Emeritus of Research,  CNRS


National Committees :

1968-81  Member of the Scientific Council for the French Austral and Antarctic Territories ( TAAF)

1980-83  President of the Ocean-Atmosphere Section, Member of the Earth-Atmosphere-Space Sector Committee and of the Scinetific Committee of CNRS

1981-87  Member of the Scientific Committee and of the Inter-Bodies Committee of the National Program for the Climate dynamics study. Member of the Higher Council for Research and Technology (1987-89) at MRT, Ministry for Research and Technology

1983-87  Member of the Scientific Committee, President of the Environment Group (1982-83) and Deputy President of the Scientific Committee (1986-87) at INSU, National Institute for the Universe Sciences

1984-87  Chairman of EPF, French Polar Expeditions

1987-94  Chairman of French National Committee on Antarctic Research

1987  Corresponding Member of Académie des Sciences

1994  Member of Académie des Sciences and of Académie des Technologies created in 2000


International Committees :

1980-84  Member of the Scientific Committee OMM-ICSU (JSG) for the World Climate Research Programme

1980-83  Deputy President of the Ice and Snow Commission (UCGI)

1985-93  President of the working group on glaciology (European Science Foundation)

1989-97  Member of the European committee on Oceanography and the Polar Sciences (European Science Foundation and European Commission)

1989 Member of Academia Europaea

1989-98  Member of the steering committee " Past Global Changes" (IGBP)

1984-86  Secretary, then (1986-90) President of the International Committee of SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research)

1989-93  Member of the  Greenland Ice Core Project Steering Committee

1991-98  Member of the  "International Arctic Science Committee"

1993-95  President of EPICA (European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica)

1994  Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

1999  Fellow of the European Geophysical Society


Distinctions :

1958   Knight  in the Order of the Black Star  (Bénin)

1966   Delalande-Gurineau Prize (Académie des Sciences)

1982   Officer in the National Order of Merit

1986   Prize of the Statet (Académie des Sciences)

1989   Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur

1989   Humboldt Prize

1989   Belgica Medal

1994   Italgas Prize

1996   Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

1997   The Seligman Crystal (International Glaciological Society)

2001   Balzan Prize for climatology

2002   The CNRS Medaille d’Or

2004   Publication in the "Petit Larousse illustré"

2006   Vernadsky Medal (European Geosciences Union)

2008   SCAR Medal

2008   Blue Planet Prize 

2009   Commander of the Légion d’honneur

2015   Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit

2017   Bower Aworld and Prize for Achievement in Science

2017   Prize of the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco

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