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1994-2004 EPICA Concordia: 800,000 years of archive


The European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica -  EPICA - is still today the most ambitious deep drilling ever begun on the antarctic continent. As early as 1995 it is supported by 12 European countries with the goal of carrying out two successive drillings over a decade. One deep at Dome C, where we had drilled in the 70's and where we will build  Concordia station with the Italians, the other along a raid at the other end of Antarctica, in Queen Maud Land.

    At Concordia, in 2004, the bedrock is reached at a depth of 2,871 meters. The relationship between climate and greenhouse effect gases - carbon dioxyde and methane - is still evident and shows that, for 800,000 years, our atmosphere has never exprienced levels of these gases as high as at the moment. In depth we observe variations in the duration and the amplitude of the heats and the colds, what can be of interest for the climate of our future; a subject where many uncertainties still remain.

    I chair the committee of the EPICA project that will be implemented by Jean Jouzel and Dominique Raynaud on the French side.

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