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A Researcher, a glaciologist but above all an explorer of Antarctica. Through this site you will discover Claude's carreer, his works, his discoveries..

Main campaigns and expeditions

A total of 22 summer and winter campaigns on the icecaps, in Greenland and mostly in Antarctica Charcot in 1957, Dumont d'Urville in 1965, Vostok in 1984, namely over six years spent in the field.

Ice and Sky

"Ice and Sky" is Luc Jacquet's fourth full-feature film. This documentary is focused on scientist Claude Lorius extraordinary path, man of the cold who spent his life studying and tracking the well kept climate secrets in the very depth of the Antarctic ices.

Welcome to the Website of Claude Lorius

30 years ago we sounded the alarm. We discovered in the depths of the Antarctic icecap that our planet climate history and our atmosphere composition have been bound, for hundreds of thousands of years, to the regular trip of the earth around the sun. From the beginning of 19th century, human activites develop with industrialisation, polluting our atmosphere and leading to climate warming, the impacts of which affect life conditions of humans, particularly the poorest populations. Scientists, the UN, governements, numerous associations and ourselves, citizens, must put in priority the struggle against this warming caused by man. The fight against global warming is more than ever a priority. We can only sadly observe the absence of a necessary international governance based on solidarity and involving decision-makers, politicians and citizens. Quite an heavy task which requires more education and research, as well as a change in Man behaviours and motivatons.

Born  on February 27th 1932, Claude Lorius, Master of Science in Physics from Besançon University, replies to an ad : " Looking for young students to participate in campaigns organised for the International Geophysical Year ".

This is how begins the scientist's career in a discipline that just appeared in the 50's : glaciology.

Over his 40 years career, he will take part in 22 expeditions, a total of 6 years in the field ! Even if he puts his feet in Greenland, his "land" of predilection will be Antarctica.


On April 20 2016 Claude's autobiography is published. Some pages of which - in French - are available ici

Hero of the movie Ice and Sky, Claude Lorius relates in this book his carreer as glaciologist. The adventure begins in 1955 with an ad posted in the Besançon university. Young people in good shape and not affraid of solitude are needed. He then does not suspect at all he will participate in the greatest scientific adventure ever carried out on the antarctic continent.

Claude decorated by the President.

Wednesday december 9th 2015, French President, François Hollande, proceeded to a medal presentation to Mrs Marion Guillou, Mr Nicolas Hulot, Mr Bertrand Hervieu, Mr Claude Lorius, Mr Jean Jouzel and Mrs Claude Nahon, all leading figures involved in the climate and sustaining development concerns.

With a strong emotion, Claude received the distinction of Great Officer in the National Merit Order.

Ice and Sky closes Cannes 68th Festival

The 68th Cannes Festival closing movie has just been unveiled, it is Luc Jacquet documentary Ice and Sky.

The French director, oscar-winner for the March of the Penguins, will present his fourth feature film Sunday May 24 at the Grand Théâtre Lumière of the Palais des Festivals.

This ode to the planet conservation mentions scientist Claude Lorius discoveries, gone study the Antarctic ices in 1957, and who, in 1965, was the first to worry about global warming and its consequences for the planet.

Ice and Sky will be released on our screens on October 21.

On the occasion of the launch of the" Ice and Sky "  educational program on October 14th 2014 in Paris , in the presence of Luc Jacquet and Jean Jouzel, Wild-Touch announces the uploading of the new website devoted to the metaproject :


It will be done in the continuity of the project on rain forests "La Forêt des Pluies" :

A feature movie directed by Luc Jacquet around the emblematic personality of Claude Lorius, a pioneer of glaciology and climate study,

a documentary for television,

an ambitious educational program,

an educational fablab,

and a large expedition in Antarctica in 2015.

France will be the host country for the 21st Conference on Climate from November 10 to December 11 2015 (Paris Climat 2015).

COP21, also named Paris 2015, will be one of the largest international conferences organised on the French territory.

It appears crucial because it must result in an international agreement on climate which will enable global warming containment to less than 2°C.

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